The Powerstock Project

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The Powerstock Project
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The Powerstock Project

The idea for this collection/archive grew from several sources:

• The few photographs Bob had taken of local people in the early 1980s—a project begun but, until now, not progressed

• An old photo-postcard of Powerstock lent to us by Dick Score of Townsend which we enlarged, surprised at the amount of detail; also two or three old family photographs lent by the Marsh family of Powerstock Mill Farm which we reproduced

• A visit to an exhibition of Walker Evans photographs taken in the southern US in the 1930s (organised by Nancy Clemance of Burr Projects), touring nationally and shown at Axen Farm, Symondsbury

• A conversation with Edward Marsh about the exhibition, in which we discovered that Axen Farm was where Everard Marsh was born, and a subsequent visit to Axen with the Marsh family, photographing Everard on the steps where he had been photographed as a six-year-old.

Our intention at the beginning was to borrow and scan the many photographs local people might have of past residents and family members; of parts of the villages, their buildings and landscape; of village life as it was in the more distant past and in living memory. We thought we could exhibit the collection locally so others could add to it, fill in any missing information, tell stories, complete the jigsaw.

Photographing Everard gave us the idea that we could extend the project to include photographs of people around the parish now, as they go about their work and take part in the events and customs which have developed over time, have changed or stayed the same, or are completely new. We hope this will create a record which reflects a little of life here today.

We have only just begun to work on the website, the photos here aren't necessarily the best, but it's a start! The aim is to build a proper archive over time, which can be continually added to, and of course, has infinite possibilities, since that is the nature of time. We also hope to hold exhibitions from time to time.

We will be holding open days at our cottage in Powerstock whenever we are here and would like people to bring their photographs to be scanned for the collection, along with any stories. There will be coffee and cakes too, see the Events page for a list of dates.

We are happy to arrange other times to suit individual needs, or would be pleased to visit you to scan your photos in your own home if that is more convenient. Please give us a call or email us.

We also want to photograph as many people as we can, either going about their daily lives or as more formal portraits . Please don't be shy, contact us and we'll see what we can do. (We will show you the results before they are made public if you are worried!) We will ensure your photographs are not used elsewhere without your permission.